Cyber Risk

Cyber Liability Insurance Cybersecurity isn’t owned by IT alone anymore. It is a business-wide challenge, and solving it starts in the board room and with the business owners.

What does a Cyber Liability policy cover?

There are a number of different policies available, all designed to serve different business and industry types, typically you would expect to see a policy cover:

  • Third Party Liability – related to Privacy, Personal Information, Corporate Information, Media and Social Media, including Defamation, Intellectual Property, Rights and Plagiarism claims.
  • Hacker Theft Cover – Fraudulent or Erroneous Paid Funds.
  • Business Interruption – includes Net Profit and Extra Expenses indemnity as a result of a Network Attack on your Own Network.
  • Costs to Restore – covering the Research, Replacement, Restoration Costs to recollect Software and any Electronic Data due to attack, including Data Forensic and PR Assistance.
  • Breach Consultation Services – Legal, Forensic and Public Relations Assistance.
  • Breach responses Services – including Notification, Call Centre, Credit Monitoring and Identity Theft services.
  • Network Failure Extortion – covering costs to avoid, defend or preclude extortion.


Cyber Risk Resources


As part of our global network partnership with Lockton we have access to resources to help our client. This cyber risk update blog gives you up to date information about cyber insurance


The New Zealand Government has established partnerships with a number of organisations and these two websites provide a number of good tools and tips for both individuals and businesses.


We have also created an eBook as a risk management tool, using some content from our IT providers, so we hope you find this publication helpful


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