ICIB Life is a complimentary service for existing ICIB Business and Private clients to review existing life and medical policies. Quite simply, we help you protect your lifestyle and preserve your financial goals and well-being regardless of what life might send your way.

What We Do:


ICIB Life specialises in protecting your business (and family) from scenarios that could jeopardise your personal assets or damage your livelihood.  Specific scenarios include:


Shareholder Protection
Key Person Risks
Loan Protection
Group Medical Plans
ACC Levy Review


Life Cover
Trauma Cover
Total & Permanent Disablement Cover
Income Protection
Private Medical Insurance


How We Do It:


Snapshot of Existing Cover;

Life and medical insurance policies are often filed away and out of sight until they are needed.  Often it is too late before you truly understand what is covered (and of course, what is not covered).  ICIB Life will inspect the fine print of your current insurances and provide a consolidated summary of exactly what cover you already have - with key points and considerations – all explained in plain English.  This is offered at no cost for all existing ICIB clients.

Risk Review;

If you have not reviewed your existing Life and Health policies within the past 12 - 18 months there are 3 key reasons you should do this:

  1. You may be paying for insurance that is no longer relevant to your needs and future plans
  2. Your cover may have exclusions or additional fees that could now be removed
  3. Your current policy may be outdated, inferior or much more expensive than your alternative options

Every business and each family is different.  We make it our business to understand what is important to you and investigate the best insurance solutions available.  This includes straight forward analysis with key considerations and quotes from several insurers - all in the interests of protecting your financial future. 

Why Engage ICIB Life?:


ICIB Life protects the financial goals and well-being of our clients.  We take pride in being able to consolidate all of your insurances in the one place and with a view to achieving the best possible outcome at claim time for you and your family.  

Importantly, our advice is completely independent across all major insurers and ICIB Life holds no financial ties or interests with any insurance company or bank.