Rental Car Industry

Welcome to our rental car operator motor vehicle insurance facility. The facility is provided as a partnership between ARCCO and ICIB Insurance Brokers.



ARCCO represents vehicle operators throughout New Zealand and has promoted the interests of their members in many facets of their industry.

ARCCO has taken a co-operative approach to securing beneficial terms through economies of scale for a variety of products. However, the primary function of ARCCO is to obtain insurance terms for member companies which are both cost competitive and stable year on year, along with efficient claims management.

By tendering the ARCCO motor insurance fleets as one entity, the combined fleet and premium makes it very attractive to insurers. Thus, there is no difficulty in attracting interest from specialist motor insurers with strong financial capabilities.

The ARCCO programme operates under a formula whereby the final premium is dependent on the loss experience of the entire group. An initial premium is calculated at the commencement of the policy year based on fleet value. At the year’s end an adjustment is made based on claims. No further premium can be charged but there are often refunds.

Over the last 3 years more than $645,000 has been refunded.

The Prerequisite to joining ARCCO is a current rental vehicle operators licence in New Zealand.



ARCCO was formed in 1993 by several owners from the New Zealand Rental Car industry.

Their intention was to co-operatively purchase favourable insurance conditions for their rental vehicle fleets.

Whilst the prospect of reduced costs was appealing, of more importance to them was the ability to stabilize the insurance premiums from year to year.

Insurance premiums for rental vehicle insurance is driven largely by loss experience which can fluctuate greatly from year to year for the individual operators.  After collating the results of each company, it was found that overall, the claims costs remained relatively stable.

Thus, by insuring on a collective basis premium costs have remained stable ensuring much greater accuracy in budgeting and forecasting which is such an essential element in any well run business.

ARCCO has more than 100 NZ Rental Car Operators Businesses under its wing.

The day to day administration is undertaken by ICIB Ltd, a major insurance broker of over 30 years standing.

For all enquiries, please contact Tracy Michelle:  or 09 306 1938

PO Box 3174, Auckland 1140, New Zealand

Phone:  09 377 4314.