Risk Management

Risk Management is an attempt to reach out into the uncertainty of the future and bring it under control, in order to achieve the objectives of an organisation. This can be achieved through a process of identification, assessment, evaluation and treatment of risk.

Once undertaken, professional risk management can help an organisation achieve its objectives through the awareness and management of risk, thereby creating a climate for entrepreneurship and exploitation of new opportunities in a challenging competitive environment.

Disaster management involves preparing for a disaster before it happens, disaster response (e.g. emergency evacuation, quarantine, mass decontamination, etc.), as well as supporting, and rebuilding after natural or human-made disasters have occurred.


The following documents are designed to help highlight, assess and treat the risks that your business faces.

Principally, the treatment of risk involves the transfer of it via mechanisms such as insurance. However, once identified, risks may also be actively avoided, controlled through various measures (sprinkler systems, alarms etc...) to a level that minimises the impact on a business or simply accepted as residual risks that remain within the business but you are aware of.

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