Working from home at Alert Level 4
6 April 2020

From our friends at OSHbox please find below some helpful Health & Safety information regarding working from home under Alert Level 4.

  • If you are wanting to register as an essential business, there are a number of H&S measures you must have in place. If you need a hand with that registration process, please get in touch with us.
  • If your team are able to work from home, we’ve attached some information that should be helpful (including a checklist your team can use to identify hazards at home and put controls in place to minimize the risks).
  • We continue to be fully operational over the next four weeks - we’ve already been running annual reviews and consultations over Zoom (video), any other services can be provided by Zoom, call or email.
  • New systems will be written and couriered out, with a zoom call to deliver (we’ll be in touch with new clients soon).

And finally, we’ve had a number of calls from clients who are concerned about the mental health of their team. So, we’ve put together some info (attached) that you can share with your workplace, friends or family.

If you have other questions, need advice, or are wanting resources that would be helpful, please keep the requests coming…we are here to help.

Until the next update…stay safe,



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Mental Health Check pg1

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