Hong Kong Protests- Disruption to Travel
16 August 2019

With the escalation of the Hong Kong Protests, travel in and out of Hong Kong has been significantly disrupted, with flight cancellations and the closure of the airport along with other transport hubs.

Travel to and through Hong Kong has recently been disrupted, your airline’s website will have the latest details on your flights and schedules.

If your travel is cancelled or disrupted then please first contact your travel agent, or the airline directly, to make alternate travel arrangements based on existing tickets.

Also, if you are travelling or planning to travel through Hong Kong, further advice is available from the New Zealand Government Smart Traveller website.

What does this mean for Travel insurance cover?

Insurance companies have started advising us that they are now treating disruptions relating to the Hong Kong protests as ‘foreseen’ which means insurers expect that travellers are already aware of the situation.

Your cover will depend on the type of plan you purchased and your own circumstances but in simple terms, policies purchased from early August onwards may not now cover losses resulting from this disruption. 

For clients with an Annual Corporate Business Travel type policy, cover may be affected for travel arrangements that were only made after this date.

Insurance companies will assess all claims in accordance with the facts of each case, the Policy Wording and your Certificate of Insurance.

Making a claim

If you have suffered a loss and wish to submit a claim, please retain all your receipts, amended itineraries and relevant documents to help substantiate your costs.

The contact details for your individual insurance company will be shown on your policy but please don’t hesitate to contact us for clarification on the process.

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