15 March 2016

Garry Mooney, Managing Director of ICIB Ltd, is pleased to announce the following appointments to the business.


Grant Milne has been appointed as CEO and will lead the ICIB business and its future direction when he joins the firm in a few months time. Grant's most recent role was CEO of Marsh Ltd in New Zealand and he brings to ICIB strong leadership skills and a proven track record of business success.   This coupled with his 27 years insurance industry experience and business networks will position ICIB for strong growth into the future. 

Graeme Hansen has been appointed as Independent Chairman. Graeme is currently chairman of a number of private entrepreneurial firms and has previously held senior executive positions within the Barclays Banking Group internationally.

"With Grant and Graeme joining ICIB, I will be focusing more of my time on developing client solutions" says Garry. 

"This is an exciting time for ICIB and we will continue to provide our clients with the same great service they have come to enjoy from our 100% New Zealand owned business" says Garry. 

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