ICIB launch ICIB Life
10 June 2013

We are pleased to announce the launch of “ICIB Life”, a dedicated life and related insurance broking service, to our domestic and commercial clients.

ICIB Life has been formed as a joint venture with Summit Financial Group Ltd, with whom we have had a close working relationship for over 25 years.


We aim to offer a fresh new approach to life insurance based around continual service and claims management.


The service offered will involve a consultancy-based approach whereby we undertake a complete audit of your existing life insurance programme, providing you with a report on our findings. 


This will be provided as a free service to our clients.


Products provided will include Life, Disability, Income Protection and Medical.


At ICIB we regularly market your domestic and commercial insurances to ensure you receive the widest policy coverage at competitive prices - ICIB Life will be committed to the same process for your life insurance requirements.


We are pleased to welcome Zac Emery, our Life Broker, and look forward to introducing him to you.


Economic changes, both internationally and within New Zealand over the last 5 years have affected everybody, both personally and in business, and we want to ensure your programme is totally appropriate today and tomorrow.


We therefore invite you to meet with us at your convenience, to ensure you have the right cover in place, the right product mix and specification, and at a competitive price.


We know from experience that your life insurance requirements need the same regular review as your domestic and commercial insurances.  We have always protected your business and personal assets.   Now we can protect your life.


If we can be of any immediate assistance, or you wish to learn more about ICIB Life, please contact your Broker.  

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