Claim Guidance

Before completing a claim form (located on the 'Client Resources' page) please check the following guide to enable your claim proceed as smoothly as possible.

Residential / Commercial Property and Other Claims:

  1. Please advise as soon as any loss or damage occurs.
  2. If the claim is for damage, please arrange for a written quote before proceeding with any repairs.
  3. If the claim is for a burglary or loss:
    • notify the police immediately, this is mainly to ensure that you are noted as the owner of the property should something be recovered.
    • ensure the claim form is witnessed by a JP, solicitor or similar.
    • provide any documentation you have to support "proof of ownership" and confirmation of the amounts claimed for - e.g original receipts/warranties/photos etc, plus written quotes or invoices for the current replacement values.
  4. An assessor may be appointed in some cases, to help you put together the necessary information and assist in repair/replacement of property. We will advise you of this.


EQC Claims

1. Contact the EQC directly in the first instance.

2. If you do not have your policy number & details please contact us.

3. To find out more about EQC claims please click here.


Motor Vehicle Claims Guide:

  1. Advise us as soon as any loss or damage occurs.
  2. Do not admit any liability to anyone at the scene of an accident, even if you think you're at fault.
  3. Complete the claim form fully, taking special care to include all known details of other vehicles/drivers involved and any witnesses. This will help to ensure your excess is waived if you are not at fault.
  4. If your vehicle has been stolen please notify the police immediately.
  5. Once your vehicle has been taken to the repairer of your choice, please ensure they contact the assessor from the insurance company, so that repair costs can be agreed.


Please Find Our Online Claim Forms For Completion Below:


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Contact Us

To fill in claim forms electronically

  1. Click the link to open the form;
  2. Complete the document using your keyboard;
  3. Save the completed document to your PC/laptop;
  4. Email the form to us at

To download claim forms

  1. Download Adobe. Get Acrobat Reader web logo
  2. Click the relevant link to download the document;
  3. Print the form and complete in as much detail as possible;
  4. Post, fax or email to us using the details on the Contact Us page of this website.